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1.  Your artist will verbally go over the following steps with you at your tattoo appointment as they apply the Tagaderm (adhesive bandage) to your tattoo.

2.  The Tagaderm wrap is to be left on your tattoo for 5-7 days, not including the day of application.

3.  The wrap is water resistant, not water proof. (Do not submerge in water)

4.  While showering, avoid direct contact with water for long periods of time. If water runs down or hits the Tagaderm briefly, that’s okay. If water is to get on the wrap for a short period of time, it will not hurt the tattoo. However, it will make the wrap suction to your skin. It will then become slightly irritating to wear and more difficult to remove.

5.  Dry Tagaderm after each shower by gently patting dry with a clean, dry towel.


Some things you will notice over the course of these 5-7 days:

6.  The wrap will fill with a black liquid. This is just excess ink, blood, and plasma, and is absolutely normal.

7.  If you notice a heavy build-up of fluid under the wrap, please contact your tattoo artist right away for further instructions.

8.  Avoid any excessive movement and/or physical activities that could cause irritation, or sweat to build under the wrap.

9.  If a corner peels up on the wrap, feel free to cut and remove any excess/non-stuck pieces. 

10.  If any water or debris somehow enters the wrap, please contact your artist right away.

11.  If you notice anything odd, such as excessive irritation, redness after 3 days, excessive pain or inflammation, or have any questions concerning your Tagaderm/tattoo – please don’t hesitate to contact your artist.


Removing the wrap:

12.  Before removing the Tagaderm, throughly clean your hands and surrounding area of the wrap with an antibacterial liquid soap. Please refrain from using any sort of bar soap or soap that has been exposed to outside contaminates. (No Dial)

13.  After completing the 5-7 day process, we recommend removing the wrap after allowing it to soak in a warm bath or shower for at least 5 minutes. This warm water will loosen the adhesive, and will result in an easier removal of the Tagaderm.

14.  When removing the wrap (in the shower or bath) slowly pull the Tagaderm away from your tattoo, beginning at the top of the wrap/tattoo. This will allow warm water to enter behind the adhesive wrap, allowing for easier removal.

15.  Once the wrap is completely removed, you will notice that your tattoo will be very dry, and covered in the hardened black liquid mentioned in Step 6.

16.  Gently, with the palm of your hand (again, making sure they are clean first) in a slow circular motion, apply the unscented antibacterial liquid soap to your fresh tattoo. Make sure to clean the tattoo throughly, but not abrasively. DO NOT USE PAPER TOWEL, LOOFAH, OR CLOTH OF ANY KIND!
17.  After lathering the tattoo with liquid antibacterial soap, rinse the tattoo with lukewarm water. Make sure not to leave any excess soapy residue on the tattoo. Side note: after cleaning the tattoo for the first time, remove of all of the black hardened residue as you clean it. You may or may not notice small pieces of adhesive that have adhered itself to your skin or the tattoo. This is not uncommon. If this does happen, please do not pick, scratch, rub, or be abrasive to your tattoo with intentions of trying to remove the leftover adhesive from the wrap. This residue will come off naturally over the course of the next few days.

18.  Pat the tattoo dry with a dry clean, lint-free cloth, or a paper towel. Allow to air dry completely. DO NOT WIPE!

19.  Repeat that cleaning process 2-3 times a day until your tattoo is full healed.

20.  Once the tattoo is clean, it will be slightly dry and will likely have a light peel to it—comparable to a sunburn. Light scabbing is also something you may or may not notice a few days after removing the Tagaderm. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH AT YOUR TATTOO.

21. Any time you notice that your tattoo is dry, or, after each time you clean your tattoo: Apply a non scented, dry skin lotion. You may continue to do so even after your tattoo is healed, to help with the longevity of your new piece of artwork. Recommended product for this step: Lubriderm, Aveeno, Eucerin, or any other unscented, dry skin lotion.


Other things to know:

  • Avoid sweating in the wrap.

  • Avoid direct sunlight or tanning during the healing process.

  • Do not apply sunscreen to your tattoo unless it is fully healed.

  • Do not swim, take a bath, or go in a hot tub until the wrap is removed, and the tattoo is fully healed.

  • Do not pick or scratch at a healing tattoo!

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