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Any information you need to know beforehand 

How much does a tattoo cost?

Hourly - $250/ hr

Minimum - $200

Each tattoo is different depending on the idea, details, style, and size!

You will be given an estimate beforehand so that you know about how much beforehand!

Will I see the drawing ahead of time ?

I show the drawing at the time of the appointment to prevent duplication. Minor changes can be made within reason but major changes (changing the whole idea) to the idea or design will be caused for a reschedule and loss of deposit. 

What tattoos does Victoria not do or take at this moment?

I don't ever take:

             - American Traditional

             - Watercolor

             - New School 

             - Pinterest tattoos (infinity symbols ect)

             - Copies exact tattoos 

I'm currently not taking

             - Trees by itself

             - Bouquet tattoos UNLESS in a vase or holding element


What if I have a sunburn/ healing sunburn, cut, or bruise in the area?

Please contact me ASAP to reschedule if you do have any of these. It can harm your skin and isn't a good surface to tattoo over. We want to give you the best tattoo especially after its healed. If you show up to the appointment having any of these, we will have to reschedule and it'll be a loss of deposit.

Where are you located?

I am located at Image Studios in Strongsville Ohio. The building is next to Condados. I have a private studio there and give the address and studio number at the confirmation!

What should I do leading up to my appointment? 

-Please lotion the area at least 2 weeks daily before your appointment. Do not put lotion on the day of your appointment. 

-Do not drink any caffeinated drinks or alcoholic drinks 48 hours before your tattoo.

-Shower, get a good rest, and bring water and snacks with you to the appointment.

-Wear suitable clothes for the area being tattooed. If you want to go the extra mile wearing black, beige, white, neutral colors to your appointment will help the photo portion of the appointment as colors affect the photos color and take focus off the tattoo.

-Pasties are also provided for areas that need it If you do not have any.

- The shop is cold most of the time so bring blankets if need be 

-Do not shave the area before coming. I'll shave it to avoid razor bumps or cuts.

Can I get a tattoo if I'm Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

No you cannot get tattooed while you're pregnant or breastfeeding! If you book with me knowing you are pregnant or currently breastfeeding it'll be the loss of a deposit and cancelled. If you become pregnant after you book it'll be counted as a cancellation and loss of deposit. I cannot reschedule due to it being too far to book.

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